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Waist Trainer Australia

Waist Trainers Australia

Waist Trainer X - The world famous waist trainer seen on Mornings show on Channel 9 is now in Australia! We are Waist Trainer X and we are here to make you the best you, that you can be. We are located in Sydney, Australia and we ship worldwide.

Waist Trainer X is a company that was born out of beauty for the body. We all strive to be better for ourselves and our loved ones. We show you the world of waist training in Australia. If you want the very best waist trainer for your body, there is no need to look anywhere else as we are the premier waist training experts.

Our waist training corsets will help you with:

  • Instant waist reduction
  • Flattening out your mid-section
  • Creating the desirable curve you've always wanted
  • Increasing your perspiration
  • Reduces bloating and the bloating feeling
  • Posture support and back control
  • Reduction in back pain

All our waist training corsets are steel boned and are made of a premium quality latex and cotton materials.

Waist training and losing weight is a combination of a healthy eating plan (diet) and a consistent fitness program (working out). If you are looking for longer term results - Like each of the these, waist training only works when you are consistent and focused on your plan.

We currently offer Free Shipping for all our waist trainer products to anywhere in Australia and we also offer great flat rates to all over the world.

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