How do I choose the right Waist Trainer size?

So you've decided to start waist training and good on you for looking after yourself and taking some action with your body shape.

This is probably the most common question and issue we have. Often people select the wrong size and there is a delay in getting their waist trainer because they then have to return it to us and wait for the replacement. When selecting the best size for your waist trainer it's important to know a few things:

1. How to measure yourself - Understand your waist and hips
2. Using those measurements to select the right size
3. Know your body, if you know you are a slightly different in shape understand you might need a different size than what the chart might say

The first part in selecting the right waist training corset for you is measuring your waist. 


1. Find the top of your hip bone
2. Find the bottom of your ribs
3. Place a tape measure in between these 2 areas and wrap it around your waist. Preferrably a cloth measure as it will move around your body much easier than a metal or hard measurement tool. Don’t let it be slack but not too tight either.
(hint: If you don't have a flexible measurement tool you can also use a piece of string to measure and then mark the length of the string around your waist and place it against the hard measure tool instead)


Using the chart below you can view which size might work best for you:


If you are closer to the tighter end of these measurements it would be recommended to go to the larger option and then train your waist down to the smaller size. Never select the size you would prefer to be instead of the size that actually fits you. There is no point getting a waist trainer and not have it fit at all, or otherwise only just fitting and being very uncomfortable wearing it. Listen to your body.

There are certain situations where this chart might not apply. Sometimes just after giving birth, your body shape is not regular or you may be smaller or larger in your hip or belly area. It's important to take these things into account when selecting your size.

To see the collection and which waist trainer would be best for you click here Australian Waist Trainers

Hopefully, this helps and gets you on your way to finding your best shape!


WTX Team xx

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  • Jordan


    I have just received my waist trainer and I have it on its tightest hooks and it’s fitting reasonably comfortable but I feel as though it may be a little too big? If I went to a lower size would it then be too small or would that be ideal. I’m wearing a medium 8/10 at the moment.
    If you feel as though a smaller size would be more ideal is it possible to return mine and swap it for a smaller size or not?


  • Amber

    I’m a size 16 in pants and an XL in shirts, my cup size is a lil undecided since im breastfeeding right now before the baby i was a size 36C. What size corset would i need a L, XL, or bigger?

  • Christina

    Hi i was just wondering what the measurements are for the hips, I’ve been looking on other sites and the measurements for my body are way off my waist is 101cm and my hips are 114cm I was wondering what size I should purchase. Because I don’t want it to be loose on my hips because all other waist trainers in my waist size have a hip measurement of 120cm
  • Sonja

    I wear a 18-20 in pants and 2x shirts what would be the right size trainer for me. 5’3 226lbs.

  • Loretta Hackner

    Hello Waist Trainer Crew,
    I was very excited to receive my waist trainer in the mail today but upon opening the package realised that it was an EXTRA SMALL size. I thought there might have been an error on the company’s part so went back to check my order. Looks like the error is my own fault – yes I ordered an extra small instead of extra large! Please advise; as well as sending back my waist trainer in original package and with proof of purchase, is there anything else I need to do?


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