Getting Fit and Working out in your Waist Trainer

So many people ask us, "Can you work out in a waist trainer?" or "Do I use it at the gym?"

The answers to these and other similar questions is pretty simple. Yes.

But hang on a second, how does it all work? What do I need to do? No problems, read on and we will give you a good head start on how to best utilise your waist trainer to get the best for your body.

1. Any training - regardless of working your waistline or other, requires out of the gym work. What's that you say? No gym? Well not quite. If you want a lean figure and want to reduce some extra fat around those key focus areas you need to work just as hard in the kitchen as in the gym (if not more). All perfectly sculptured bodies are not from people who binge on junk food, drink sugar-filled drinks and ignore basic healthy eating principles. Have you ever heard of "Ab's are made in the kitchen, not the gym!"? Well this is pretty much what we are talking about. Get a healthy eating routine and plan around it. Make it happen.

2. Start on aerobic exercise. Get your heart pumping, blood flowing and body breathing. Running / cycling / rowing or other similar exercises will allow your body to enter into the fat burning zones when your heart rate reaches and maintains a certain intensity.Creating a lean and mean body means you need to reduce your body fat. Aerobic workouts make this happen the fastest.

3. Focus on core exercises. What is your core? Your core is your main body stabilizing muscles. These include your Abs, back, sides and upper legs and shoulders. Want to know how to test your core? Try the plank test. Hold your body in a stationary position with your toes lifting your legs, which are straight and your elbows holding your upper body up. Hold this for as long as you can. The longer you can hold an exercise such as this will show you how strong your core is. See image below.

So sum it up for me please...

When you're working out in a waist trainer or waist training corset, it's important to remember to listen to your body. Yes, working out is hard and it makes you sweat and is very uncomfortable at times, but it should never hurt. But it will also be one of the most rewarding and self-satisfying things you will do for yourself. Once you're in a healthy routine of working out and eating right, your waist trainer will only add to the speed of your improvement. It will give you that added posture and form for your work out. It will help you sweat in the right places and it will help form the shape your working toward.

Don't be afraid of working out in a waist trainer just do it right and you, like many before you, will love the benefits of how your body shapes to exactly what you are looking for!

We recommend using our regular latex waist trainer for working out in the gym or elsewhere

For additional shoulder support it's recommended to use Vest style Waist Trainers


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