Are all waist trainers the same? How do I know which is good and which isn't?

As the leading waist training experts in Australia, we often get asked about, or people commenting on our social feeds about the difference in waist trainers available today. Are they the same thing? Why is there such a price difference?

We will discuss a few things that sets Waist Trainer X apart from the cheaper options available today.

Quality of Materials

Waist Trainer X only uses the very best materials in the manufacture of our waist trainers - which are made to last.

Steel boning, with 9 steel bones available in each of our waist trainers the strength and the pull and cinch you get are of the highest standard.

Latex rubber, with others sometimes an over rubbery smell can be present however our trainers have strong but soft type to touch.

You can tell it's quality by just feeling it and touching it. Once your touch and try you will understand what we mean.

 Steel boned waist trainer


We stand by our products by a fully inclusive exchange and return policy

If another company won't allow an exchange, even for size, you need to question why. They aren't willing to help you, the customer, find your perfect size or worse yet they don't trust their own product to do what it says it will do.

We are the only company in Australia that offers an exchange policy. Yes, we need to control what we allow to return as they are intimate garments, but we must allow our customers to feel safe in the knowledge that they haven't wasted their money on something that does not fit. Try and it and if it doesn't fit, send it back for a replacement. That's it.

When you buy with us, you purchase with safety, knowing that it is a quality product that if it does not fit, it can be exchanged for a correct size.


What does social media say about them?

Sure anyone can say they have amazing products, but it's the people who follow them socially who will let you know.

Have they been featured in larger media? We have worked with Channel 9 Mornings - who we did not pay to come and review our products.

What do their reviews say? We have an automated review system which previous customers can add their reviews to a product they've purchased. Read the reviews on our product pages and see what others think about our waist trainers.

See our Instagram and Facebook pages and see images and comments of what others have sent to us or who are using our product. 


We know taking a chance on waist training can easily become a difficult thing if you have chosen the wrong waist trainer to begin with. It's important to get the right one and certainly not some cheap imitation. You want one which is going to give you the shape and body you desire.

If you have questions about waist training or want to know more about us, feel free to contact us via one of our social media pages - we'd love to chat to you!

To view our waist trainers click here to see the collection: Waist Trainers

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