Do Waist Trainers work?

We often get asked about whether or not waist trainers actually work or not. It's a fair question too, as we know many people are keen to try it, but aren't sure about what they actually do and whether or not it is for them.

Firstly we must say, waist training does work but when used correctly and for the right purpose. However, it works very similar to exercise or a good diet. If you stop waist training, the benefits you get from it can also stop. Likewise, waist training will only work when used correctly. Just like going for a run and then eating a burger won't likely loose fat for you in the same way that wearing a waist trainer for 30min a week won't give you any change in your shape.

Now it's also worth mentioning that not all people use waist training for the same reasons. Some use it for cosmetic reasons such finding a couple of inches of slimming, so they can fit that dress perfectly. Or getting some shape to their otherwise relatively shapeless mid-section. Others use them for more physical reasons such as postpartum diastasis (abdominal muscle seperation during preganancy and post birth) or just to help support their back and allow for a more structured posture.

waist trainer before and after dressWearing a Waist Trainer under a Dress

If you are starting your journey with waist training it's important to know what you need to do to get the best results. We've listed below some quick tips to get started:

  1. Start with a couple of hours per day and gradually increase to 8hrs per day max over 2 weeks.
  2. Keep Hydrated - You should be doing with regardless but even more so when waist training
  3. Understand your purpose and goal for waist training - this will give you a better understanding of which waist trainer is best for you as well as how you should be using it.
  4. Keep at it. Results come for those who are willing to work - just like exercise and diet
  5. Ensure you get the right size to begin with. Too small and you won't even be able to wear it and too large is not going to give you any benefit.

If you want some more in depth tips we recommend reading: 10 Quick Waist Training Tips

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  • Brian Kiriba

    According to me, Waist cinchers do work. They worked fro me and now I can feel the difference in my body shape.

    Its a great way to maintain your self.

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