Does waist training give you permanent results?

Waist trainer X ResultsWe often get asked about the permanent results that waist training can give. There are a few misconceptions, which we can hopefully address in this article.

So first of all, waist training is not a permanent thing. But hey, don't be discouraged. Training like in all areas is just that, training. If you want results, you need to keep going. 

Waist training is like exercise and diet. One healthy meal won't make you healthy, one workout won't make fit. If you stop any of these, the results also stop.

However in saying this, you also don't need to be wearing your trainer 24 hours a day either. Even 2 - 5 hrs every other day is enough to start the ball rolling. 

Now waist trainers are use for various reasons, this article mainly speaks about the lasting effects of waist training on your shape. But results occur immediately when it comes to back support and reduction of back pain for many instances as well as general shaping whenever you are wearing the item.

If you follow our Waist Trainer X Instagram you will see many of our customers who use our product and are finding success. 

If you truly want to give waist training a go and are interested in starting read a few more of our articles here and see if it right for you.

Much love,
WTX Team xx 

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  • Keri

    Once the desired look is acheived how often should i then wear it too maintain the results

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