Can you sleep in a Waist Trainer?

It’s a common question we get asked! So we thought we’d give you a little more info. We know when you receive your trainer, you’re keen to see results instantly like you’ve seen on people like Kimmy K, or Jessica Alba.

Most people starting their waist training journey find wearing a trainer a bit different to other shapewear they have tried in the past.  Waist training is something that takes time and each individual is looking for different results.

When you start your waist training journey, we recommend starting with 2 hours a day. You can slowly increase this to 8 hours per day. If you want to see long term results with your waist training, you need to stick at it regularly. Sleeping in your trainer can be a way to get some extra hours training in, however, it probably won't be the most comfortable nights sleep you’ve had & we recommend to get your waist training hours in while awake.


Waist training can certainly be abused, however, our waist trainers are not of the typical Victorian age when corsets were worn way too tight and create an unhealthy looking version of women. Waist trainers these days, especially the ones we stock, are to improve your health and not be detrimental to your health at all. Our Waist Trainers are recommended by doctors for a number of options including but not limited to, back pain, postpartum recovery and core support. Like anything in life, treat waist training with respect, look after yourself and you will get the very best out of your waist trainer.  

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