Mental Strength

What do you believe about yourself? Our thought life impacts so many areas - from family life to work life,  the stress to have the insta-perfect life and have it all together can be too much - it impacts our motivation and outlook. SO - what do we do when we notice our thoughts seem to take a downward spiral? Here are 4 things we love to do to get us thinking positive

  1. Practise gratitude: start a gratitude journal and each day find 3 things you are grateful for.
  2. Go for a run - get those endorphins going - it's amazing the difference they make!
  3. Call your girlfriend, and be real with her. Tell her you’re having a down day and you need some love from someone who believes in you.  stop listening to your inner mean girl and start listening to your higher self!
  4. Print out some positive mantras you can stick on your mirror or bedside and say them over yourself on the daily - we have a few below you can download and print to get you started!


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