Postpartum Support

We love our Mama Customers who use our trainers for postpartum support - and perhaps this is something you’re just starting to looking into. Wherever you find yourself on the journey, we hope you find this info helpful.

During pregnancy, our bodies go through some amazing changes. Some could be considered desired changes and some perhaps we would prefer not to have a lasting effect. Abdominal separation is one of the most common things people try to work on repairing after birth with each person being affected differently.

You have probably seen celebrities such as the Kardashians & Jessica Alba swear by these but they are more than just a Hollywood fad. Physiotherapists actually recommend Waist Trainers as they can play an important role in postnatal recovery.

Abdominal separation can lead to increased back pain, pelvic floor poor function and slower recovery of the strength of the muscle. Of course, we recommend that you make sure to get the right fit of your corset. Be kind to yourself and don’t try to squeeze into a size too small. Our trainers come in a variety of sizes - and you can always go down a size if needed once you start to recover and lose some of your baby weight!

We also recommend that while waist training,  you eat a healthy balanced diet & exercise at a pace that's right for what you are trying to achieve. Check out some of our other blog posts for some healthy recipes!

Also - remember, Mamas - be kind to yourself. Number one priority is you and your babe, and when you’re ready, we’re always here to help and encourage you! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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