Can You Still Be Waist Training when you're Short or Tall?

We get it. We're short, we're tall. Why doesn't the world cater a little better for us?

It's interesting, we have a product range which we honestly think are the best waist trainer products you can get in Australia. We really do stand by that. But every now and then we're asked about how well our products will work for certain body shapes and sizes. People will ask, "Am I too tall to waist train?", or "Can I still waist train if i'm short?". To answer both of those questions, we are able to give a 100% fat thumbs up, YES.

But in the past, we've had an almost one size will fit most tendency when it comes to Waist Trainer X products. That is, until now...

So you're shorter / taller and you want to waist trainer but even though the current products do work, they probably aren't the best comfort fit for you. Let's looks at what our suggestions are for each body shape. Keep in mind, all of our waist trainers are suitable for all shapes and sizes, these are suggestions and should hopefully help you make a better decision for yourself.



This Short Torso Waist Trainer is naturally is your best pick. It's sturdy like all our latex designs and will really hold you in place with all the support you really need. Approx. 20.5cm in length



This nude design is approx. an inch shorter than our regular black latex design, as it's meant to hide under your clothes so it's approx 28cm in length. 

For a less aggressive and more general soft support, we recommend the Everyday Waist Trainer. It's approx 22cm in length. 


This is the adjustable vest. It really allows for more support from the shoulder through to your hips and the adjustments make it so you can tailor your fit better.

The Premium 25 Bone Designs although are suitable for all sizes, the additional bones help keep the shape of your waist as well as the trainer in a straighter more comfortable fit for the taller leaner body types.




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