Waist Training Tips

Core Workout

We LOVE a strong Core - in case you haven’t noticed!! In fact, it's so crucial to so many activities you do from jobs at home, carrying babies, exercise to shopping! Your core muscles are those in your stomach and back. Without a strong core, we suffer from back pain, bad posture, and pain throughout the pelvis and hips. 

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Choc Peanut Butter Acai Bowl

We LOVE Acai bowls and this twist on the traditional has us wanting MORE! It's perfect for when you want a little change or are perhaps craving a bit of a chocolate hit - check out the recipe

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Can You Still Be Waist Training when you're Short or Tall?

We get it. We're short, we're tall. Why doesn't the world cater a little better for us? It's interesting, we have a product range which we honestly think are the best waist trainer products you can get in Australia. We really do stand by that. But every now and then we're asked about how well our products will work for certain body shapes and sizes. People will ask, "Am I too tall to waist train?", or "Can I still waist train if i'm short?". To answer both of those questions, we are able to give a 100% fat thumbs up, YES. But...

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Getting Fit and Working out in your Waist Trainer

So many people ask us, "Can you work out in a waist trainer?" or "Do I use it at the gym?" The answers to these and other similar questions is pretty simple. Yes. But hang on a second, how does it all work? What do I need to do? No problems, read on and we will give you a good head start on how to best utilise your waist trainer to get the best for your body. 1. Any training - regardless of working your waistline or other, requires out of the gym work. What's that you say? No gym?...

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Does waist training give you permanent results?

We often get asked about the permanent results that waist training can give. There are a few misconceptions, which we can hopefully address in this article.So first of all, waist training is not a permanent thing. But hey, don't be discouraged. Training like in all areas is just that, training. If you want results, you need to keep going. Waist training is like exercise and diet. One healthy meal won't make you healthy, one workout won't make fit. If you stop any of these, the results also stop.However in saying this, you also don't need to be wearing your trainer 24 hours...

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