Waist Training Tips

How long should you waist train for per day to see results?

Waist Training is very dependent on the person who is training. Firstly, you need to understand what goals are you looking to achieve by waist training. Some people are training to:   Return their body to their pre-baby body after giving birth - Postpartum To gain shape of their already fit body - Get that hourglass look To reduce body fat from their mid-section To get better core and back comfort and control A number of other personal reasons Each of the above carries different needs for different goals. It's important to understand your body and what's needed before you...

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Training your waist and staying hydrated

When it comes to waist training and corset training it's important to keep your body hydrated. What does that mean? It means eating and drinking properly and keeping your fluids high. The very best way to do this is the same way your mum and dad told you when you were young! Drink water.  Our bodies contain more than 75% water it, so if we get dehydrated we are giving our body what it needs. When we start waist training, some of us like to workout also, this creates perspiration and our body loses water through our sweat. Replacing this is...

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How do I choose the right Waist Trainer size?

So you've decided to start waist training and good on you for looking after yourself and taking some action with your body shape. This is probably the most common question and issue we have. Often people select the wrong size and there is a delay in getting their waist trainer because they then have to return it to us and wait for the replacement. When selecting the best size for your waist trainer it's important to know a few things: 1. How to measure yourself - Understand your waist and hips2. Using those measurements to select the right size3. Know your...

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