So you have a few questions? No problems, see if we have the answers below... and if not, send us a message via our contact page and we'll be more than happy to help.

I've purchased an item and it doesn't fit?

No problems, just read our returns page to get an understanding of how to make your return and exchange. Click here: Returning & Exchanging

How do I know which size to get?

Sure that's a common question. As a starting point use the chart below. If you are close to the size of 2 different sizes, we usually advise going to the larger of the 2 as each trainer has 3 size notches and can easily improve as you train your waist smaller. There's not much point getting one on the smaller side and think you can train to that size if you can't fit in it in the first place.


What if my waist trainer is too tight?

The waist trainer will be tight when you first receive it. It's also supposed to be tight and you may need some help in getting it on for the first time. The waist trainer will start to support your core and shape your waist. If it doesn't pull tight on your waist then it won't work properly. Over time you will find it will feel more comfortable as it shapes you. 

How long should I wear my waist trainer for each day?

We recommend starting with 2 hours a day and slowly improve to around 8hrs max per day.


Can I workout in my waist trainer?

Yes, you certainly can. Our latex waist trainers are made for it. We advise to work out with and without your waist trainer. It's important to keep your core strong as the waist trainer will support your core and posture. If you do not strengthen your core while waist training then your body might overcompensate for the additional support you get from your waist trainer.


What benefits do waist trainers have?

  • Reduce your waist size instantly when worn (approx. minimum 2 inches to well over 10 inches)
  • Help in postpartum recovery (even many years after birth)
  • Improved posture - stand tall and confident
  • Back and lower body support
  • Increases thermal activity
  • Stimulates perspiration
  • Shape your waist
  • Body Building shape preparation

Are waist trainers safe?

This is a common misconception - Waist training can certainly be abused, however, our waist trainers are not of the typical Victorian age when corsets were worn way too tight and create an unhealthy looking version of women. Waist trainers these days, especially the ones we stock, are to improve your health and not be detrimental to your health at all. Our Waist Trainers are recommended by doctors for a number of options including but not limited to, back pain, postpartum recovery, core support. Like anything in life, treat waist training with respect, look after yourself and you will get the very best out of your waist trainer.  

Can I sleep in a waist trainer?

Yes, you can. But it's not the most comfortable sleep you will have.

Will waist training help with my post pregnancy?

It certainly will. We suggest waiting at least 1 week before using a waist trainer after giving birth. If you have had a c-section we suggest waiting at least 2 weeks prior to starting waist training.

I just ordered, when will receive my order?

Great news! You order will arrive shortly. Depending on which delivery method you select will depend on how soon it will arrive. See below for delivery guidelines:
Express - 2 to 4 business days delivery
Standard -  4 to 7 business days delivery
International - Depending on which country you are ordering from will determine how long it will arrive - It would likely be around 10 - 15 business days for most countries.

We ship with Australia Post and some other local couriers for most of our orders. International orders have tracking available.

Most orders require us to mark as Authority to Leave (ATL). This is so we can ensure you get your item as fast as possible and inside our specified timeframes. This, however, is not always available to us.

If you have found your order has yet to arrive, please check with your local post office first as they are the ones who usually know where it will be.


Do you have waist trainers for Men?

We do. Our trainers can be (and currently are) worn by men all over the world. Just select the size which is most appropriate and go from there!

What payment options do you have?

We offer only secure payment options. PayPal, credit card via Stripe and a Buy Now, Pay Later service via zipPay.


How do I wash my waist trainer or keep clean?

We recommend hand washing in warm water and air drying in a dry shaded area. Also, it's important not to wear until your waist trainer is completely dry.

For more tips on using your Waist Trainer, read our Top 10 Waist Training Tips Page



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