Waist and Fitness Trainer Australia

What is a Waist Trainer?

It is essentially a garment which can sit on or underneath your clothing to help shape your mid-section via light compression. Although there are many varying reasons (body shaping, back support, postpartum recovery, etc) why people would use a corset. Today's modern day style is much different to the way they used to be worn back in Victorian days, around the early turn of the century. Back then, they were very restrictive and aggressive and made general living very difficult! It was hard to breathe, eat and sit! These days they are made of flexible latex rubbers and other materials which are much kinder to the body and allow for more gentle approach to training. They have also been made popular again by celebrities trialling their experiences and finding results and posting them socially via various social media platforms.

How do I use a Waist Trainer?

It is recommended to start wearing a waist trainer for 2 hours a day, gradually moving to 8 hours a day maximum over 1-2 weeks.
You are also able to workout, go to work, casually in them. Sleeping in a waist trainer is not the usual, however it is also possible.
Although it might be slightly uncomfortable when you first start, it should also never hurt. Be mindful of how you feel and don’t try and get a size which is too small for you as it will do more damage than good.

What styles do they come in?

Waist Trainer X has a range to suit almost anyone. Sizes range from XS through to 6XL and the sizes in between. Colous range from Black, Nude, Leopard, Blue, Pink and Purple and more being developed all the time. In terms of varying designs – there are:
Regular: Latex - Which has no shoulder support – A basic band that rolls around the waist line
Vest: Latex - Which has fixed shoulder support  - The basic in the design of a vest style
Adjustable Vest: Latex – Has adjustable shoulder support – Shoulder straps can adjust to the exact torso size of the individual.

New designs and concepts on constantly being worked on and we will see new and improved styles come into the store over time.

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